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1  United States, 1900-2000 / Looking to Buy/Sell/Trade / VN equip for sale on: February 11, 2012, 02:06:57 PM
  A fellow VN re-enactor is downsizing, for sale he has:
LIKE NEW XM28 gas mask, says VN era GI                         $50

NEW in wrapper, '73 dated Signal panels, 4 LRRP types        $20

LIKE NEW OD shirt, greens, slant pocket Sm Reg, dated '67  $75

LIKE NEW matching pants 2 above, looks dated '69             $75

ORIGINAL ERDL shirt, '69 dated, Sm Reg.
1/2 dollar sized hole under right bottom pocket,                  $80

OD "Scarf", looks like a neck bandana thing                        $10

North Vietnamese ruck sack, nice shape                            $40 "Spoken for"

** Contact me @ Dussetschleger@hotmail.com
     Items are in KC, but we get out east often
2  Events List: North American Theater of Operations / 7th Service Command / Re: 12 December 2009, River Battle, Ft Bellefontaine, MO on: January 01, 2010, 11:40:47 AM
  I had a decent time as did I think most.  True, there were some times...  I DO recall seeing "papa joad" kinda "leading " a very disgruntled young GI around the Germans once as he seemed "Upset" .  This guy went on and on, and DID seem to fit the category of what we had been warned about, as if you argue with the ump, your OUT !  Don't think he got the boot...  Follow through, if ya gotta make an example, do it.
   Organized lunch break, think it was not gonna happen, but did, sorta. Seems everyone just kinda took it at the same time.
  As to Scotts observation about the first scenario where the Germans got the start, I think the overall German leading idea was to put ALL the forces into taking out the lost Airborne guys, THEN worry about the backup GI's.  This may seem why we were ready for them when they came into the play area. 
  Yeah,I too agree about "smaller" area's when you get too many guys, a shame as you WANT good attendance, but when they are there, where ya gonna put them all soes they are not stumbling all over each other ?
  Upcoming battle in Peru KS is an example. small area, really cool, but once you put 50 or more guys into it, your all over each other.  When ya got the room to run several battles at once, like at Camp Clark, and LOTS of ump's, its a better show. NOT sure how it'll be this year with the hundreds expected...
  On the hit taking, one thing I try to do is on attacking, if I get capped, I prefer to drop RIGHT THERE for a minute or two.  WITHOUT then TELLING anyone verbally "there's someone here shooting us", it lets guys behind me say,"Hey, Steve's dead, better look out now, someone HE didn't see is here.."  Then after a minute or so,get outa the way WITH THE HEADGEAR, ALL OFF IT, off !
  Steve D.   3rd SS"TK"
3  Events List: North American Theater of Operations / 7th Service Command / Re: 7 November 2009, Parade of Soldiers, Ottawa, Kansas on: November 01, 2009, 07:32:38 PM
  Will try to get an updated pic for my "avitar".  Only one I currently have on file is when I did VC ( Hey, someones gotta be the enemy ! ) way back when we did Vietnam era events around here.  Best thing about doing VC is picking your own impression name.  Steve Long Dong, the kids is Sum Yung Gook.

4  Events List: North American Theater of Operations / 7th Service Command / Re: 15-17 January 2010, Battle of the Bulge Tactical, Camp Clark, Nevada, MO on: October 30, 2009, 08:21:04 PM
One of the best overall events to attend in my opinion.  You can't beat the value, they GIVE you money back !   Its a real decent site, nice mix of woods, roads, and a small "town" made up of shipping containers wiht doors and windows cutinto them.  "Umpires" are a big help, and the weather is USUALLY great.  1st year all was iced over, then snowed heavily, made it better ! l Last 2 years very comfortable ( after a bit of a cold start ! ) during the day.
  If you got a small vehicle, they are of a good use, but don't be afraid to come if you dont. Keep in mind, you MAY have to walk a bit, so if you do an infantry impression.............
5  Events List: North American Theater of Operations / 7th Service Command / Re: 7 November 2009, Parade of Soldiers, Ottawa, Kansas on: October 30, 2009, 08:15:17 PM
Please be aware that the individual who posted the comment above the update from Gary is running a different event in a different town the same weekend.

** typical misinformation again on mr sherers part, the message was from John Colyer, not "gary', and I am not running any other event. I had been approached to run Ottawa, but after learning about mr shrerers impending appearance, I declined to put my associations insurance at risk with a known "loose cannon".  Therefore the organizers decided to find someone else to run their event.  As to my post, it was only to advise the danger of not having insurance for ones self when persons who have such a track record as yours.   These include at a previous time at THIS EVENT,  of failing to follow EXPLICIT DIRECTED TO YOU instructions, and then NOT training your unit members as to proper safety ( why one of them shot a re-enactor point blank at his face ), and THEN denying that you or your unit members were the ones involved.  Not even going back to past events where you were almost the victim of a beating from re-enactors because you had almost ruined an event by damaging property.  THATS why you had been advised times before to stay home, and NOT come over to events held here.  This event is welcome to you, its their insurance( or possible lack there of).

 He is trying to get people to come to his event instead. 

** Haven't made any mention of the event I am going to except to re-enactors I know that were NOT planning on attending Ottawa due to your presence, sorry.  Again, just an event I am attending, not running anything.

It is pretty transparent to everyone involved.  It is sour grapes on a big scale.

** Transparency, this coming from a guy who emails "some" people about his intentions to attend, but not all, especially when he knows they will NOT want him to attend due to his track record.  Once I found out about your "go around" on the email with the organizers the gig was up. Sorry, you are not as sneaky a shit as you used to be.

The last numbers I saw for the event was more than 60 if not 70.

** I believe this year like on of the previous years you attended and most locals did not, they again will be asking for volunteer re-enactors form the audience.  Looking at those past pictures of long haired ill uniformed people, its a shame to put that out as a public event.

The individual he is talking about is me.  If he was so scared of my unit, why did he come to Branson last year (which my unit ran) and take money from us to do it? 

** Scared ? Not hardly, but I DO care about my fellow re-enactors, and do not want any one to make an uninformed decision to attend without knowing the chances.  Another reason why we are NOT attending YOUR units event ( why aren't YOU patronizing your own units event ? ) this year is safety as well.  REAL concertina / razor wire ? Pyro that throws chunks of rock as big as your fist up in the air ?  What kinda nuts is that ?  Money ? Yeah, gas reimbursement for hauling my brothers KubelKar down & back.  Least it covered almost all that cost.  Memory serves me I also paid Heath's Dad for the jeep they brought to Kincaid that you had haul your butt around to jack up that event too..

I dont get it.

** Now THATS an understatement !
6  Events List: North American Theater of Operations / 7th Service Command / Re: 16-18 October 2009, "Battle of the Ruhr Pocket", Kansas City, MO on: October 04, 2009, 08:14:13 AM
I DO believe strongly tha this is an event that has been cancelled for quite sometime.  DO check this out before you amke plans.
7  Events List: North American Theater of Operations / 7th Service Command / Re: 7 November 2009, Parade of Soldiers, Ottawa, Kansas on: October 04, 2009, 08:12:19 AM
  Be careful at this event to make sure you have insurance.  Lips Sealed
 Past Problems with reckless re-enactors who had been warned ( but ignored those warnings ) had resulted in personal injuries to re-enactors there.  This same dangerous individual who cannot follow instructions and his tribe have made it a point to attend again, so large number of local re-enactors who in the past have attended,  have chosen NOT to attend this year. This is also the main reason the regional re-enacting society ( MLHA ) is NOT running it ths year.  Be forewarned.
8  Allied Nations, 1900 - 2000 / Vehicles / Re: British Jeep on: October 10, 2008, 08:49:11 PM
theres a few guys out west here in Mo-Kan area who do commnwealth and have at least one jeep. I also have a buddy who has several WWII and "Broad arrow" marked gas cans for sle. SO,when you getit done and start adding "stuf" toit, gimme abuzz and I'llget those cans for you to look over. Maybe by the December River battle ?
9  General Category / General Discussion / 8 hour range events on: January 01, 2008, 10:17:47 AM
  I know of a few events put on by GPS ( outa Nebraska ) & will atempt to get the event organizers to contact you to post their events. I would have to figure that its a good 8 hours to Dragoon ( March in Mid KS ) for you all on the East side, and Nebraska / Iowa battles / events would be about as far.
 IF this is outa range, lemme know.  I DO know a bunch of these guys DO come down here to MO for events & it'd be nice to reciprocate (sp?) by listing their events.
  One that comes to mind is an Eastern Front event near Indianola ( just south of Des MOines ) Iowa in mid-Feb 2008.  Last year, LOTS of snow, and about 13 or so Russians.  ALWAYS nice when you have an Eastern Front & theres more than a few Ruskies. There were about 18 or so Germans there .
   We ( MLHA) here in the western part of MO put on a couple Eastern Front ones a couple years back & had one where we had 17 Russian ( mixed bag, partisan, "militia", & regular Army ) and 13 Germans.  Secret is to keep German numbers low so its as close an overwhelming number in Russian favor, so as to make them feel better, & actually the Germans like it more as well !             Steve
10  Events List: North American Theater of Operations / Events List: North American Theater of Operations / Re: Battle of the Bulge tactical, Nevada, MO on: January 01, 2008, 10:01:23 AM
  Okey Dokey. I had heard from one of the guys who was going to Neoga ( sp?) and HE told me it was the same weekend. Called him last night & now he is "wavering" in his beliefs. 
  OK, this might be good then as this will free up some who were going East, now may come SW to the Nevada event.  Looks like we need more Axis, last year was nice to have equal numbers.
  I DID have the info on Nevada directly From D. Hruska, so I too knew "straight from the horses mouth" on that one. I tried unsuccessfully to contact the Cornell guy about his dates, figgered it was next best thing to post the ?here.

BTW, for those who missed the first one, weather wise it was a toss up. VERY heavy ice there upon arrival, (made for treacherous walking) and beginning of battle with some HARD packed snow on the site as well.  BUT, then about noonish it started to snow nicely, then heavily for a really awesome afternoon battle scenario.
11  Allied Nations, 1900 - 2000 / Bulletin Board / Re: Trivia answer on: December 30, 2007, 06:13:19 PM
  HA ~!  I owulda guesssd that one correctly too.  I HATE the metric ssystem, but as for guessing british stuff ?  By the weight of the shell ?  Went wiht what a bigger one MIGHT weigh & figgered the limeys were lightweights !
Come on, do anohter. This time I'll try to guess quickly before you post eh answer.
12  Events List: North American Theater of Operations / Events List: North American Theater of Operations / Re: Battle of the Bulge tactical, Nevada, MO on: December 30, 2007, 05:56:46 PM
  Just signed in & can provide some input from this side of the state.
 One thing we were having a problem was about the date of this event ( Camp CLark ) vs. other events planned for Jan.  YOUR clanedar seems to reflect that the event over in Illinois ( Nyoga ? ) is being shown as the FOLLOWING weekedn after Nevada, but I have friends that tell me they are going to it instead of Nevada. SO, can anyone shed light on the Nyoga event ?  Is it the same weekend of Nevada ? 
  This will have some impact on Axis numbers for sure.  I only see currently about 25-30 Germans coming to Nevada at this point.
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