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Title: 1-3 November 2019, THE VICTORS, A CAMPAIGNER TACTICAL, Tiff, MO
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1-3 NOVEMBER 2019
Camp Siman Events
Tiff, MO
This is a full immersion WW II tactical encompassing all nations involved from 1939-1945 in Europe. This event will be campaigner style for those wanting to experience the daily routine life of a solder in the front lines, 70% of hurry up and wait to intense moments of combat that will shake you to the core.   

This event will be a total immersion; you will be live after registration and sent to the field.  Night patrols on Friday and Saturday with skirmishes and ambushes.  Digging fighting positions, setting up OP and LP positions, sentry duty, field craft and patrols and the moving of supplies.  There will be a line of fortifications to be defended and assaulted along a pioneer road  cut above Lake Clarence with four bunkers strategical positioned, a radar instillation to be destroyed and a supply dump to be captured.  The event will be sealed order driven.
Be prepared to live the life of a solder in the field, bring only period items, food is the only exception but do your best to be period correct. Large groups of nationalities will have their own camp site small units may be combined.
Authenticity will be enforced for all impressions. You may have to provide proof of accuracy if you are doing a more obscure impression.

Friday 21 June: Gates open 12 noon
Live in the field 5pm patrols during the night/ambushes
Saturday 22 June: order driven tactical/field craft/patrols
Night time patrols/ambushes
Sunday 23 June: the final push for the allies to annihilate the Axis forces.
12 Noon? Break camp and depart for R&R