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Title: 21-23 June 2019, 'Zensen Shori', (Front Line victory), a PTO Tactical, Tiff, MO
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21-23 June 2019, 'Zensen Shori', (Front Line victory), a PTO Tactical, Tiff, MO

Zensen Shori a PTO Tactical

Jun 21 at 5 PM – Jun 23 at 12 AM

Camp Siman Events
Tiff, Missouri 63630

Hosted by Camp Siman Events


‘Zensen Shori’ will encompass all nations who had their military in the field from 1932–1945 in the Pacific Rim in the war against Imperial Japan.

This PTO is sponsored and hosted by the First Special Service Force which originally hosted the event in Paris IL for over 10 years. We are the original PTO in the Midwest. PTO tacticals are few and Camp Siman Events has started an Annual PTO Tactical in midsummer a time when there are few events happening and this is our 5th year of operation.

Authenticity will be enforced for all impressions. You may have to provide proof of accuracy if you are doing a more obscure impression. Due to the lack of Japanese impressions we will allow a lot of room for interpretation and effort
This event will be a total immersion; you will be live after registration and sent to the field.  Night patrols on Friday and Saturday with skirmishes and ambushes.  Primitive camping, sentry duty, field craft and patrols.  There will be a line of fortifications to be defended and assaulted along a pioneer road  cut above Lake Clarence with four bunkers strategical positioned.  The missions will be order driven.
Be prepared to live the life of a solder in the field, bring only period items, food is the only exception but do your best to be period correct.       

Friday 21 June: Gates open 12 noon
Live in the field 5pm patrols during the night/ambushes
Saturday 22 June: order driven tactical/field craft/patrols
Night time patrols/ambushes
Sunday 23 June: the final push for the allies to annihilate the IJA and clear the island. 
12 Noon Break camp and depart for R&R