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Title: 18-20 October 2019, Lauer Farms 1944, Lima, OH
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18-20 October 2019, Lauer Farms 1944, Lima, OH


Lauer Farms 1944
Rules and Regulations
Second Draft 11/25/17
1. All participants must be preregistered NO WALK ONS
2. There will be a basic S&A check at sign in tent (haircut and other basics)
a. Bring all ammo for inspection at sign in
b. Class 3 firearm owner will need to show the firearm and tax stamp to LEO
c. Vehicles will be given a safety inspection at sign in.
d. Please have emergency contact info available.
3. At sign in you will be handed your papers KEEP these on your person at all times during the event.
4. Safety and Authenticity standards will be held and inspected every morning by unit CO and a S&A officer from Lauer Farms 1944.
a. USGI MP’s and Feidgenarmerie will be doing random spot checks on papers and ammo throughout the day.
5. Before the skirmishes there will be a safety brief and ammo check
a. The general plan will be passed out to the CO’s before each battle.
b. The only thing set in stone is the “winner” in the morning meeting it will be decided who wins the morning battle, the side that wins the morning will lose the afternoon one.
c. Safety officers will be on the field their word is law period
d. AMBULANCE is the word for getting an EMT to the situation. The second that is yelled ceasefire needs to be passed down the line.
6. NO pyrotechnic devices or grenades are permitted.
7. Rifle grenades and mortar rounds will be inspected by Lauer Farms 1944 staff
a. More info on this will be added when details are discussed in depth.
8. Absolutely NO political impressions I.E. German SA or other similar units.
a. If you show up plan on being escorted off the park grounds
9. NO propaganda, political banners or flags to be displayed or flown AT ALL PERIOD STOP.
a. If seen you will be banned from future events and escorted off the property immediately.
10. NO national socialist party arm bands period. The following are ok.
a. Medic
b. Free French
c. Red cross
d. HJ/ BDM
e. DRK
f. Others may be permitted but will have to be cleared by Lauer Farms 1944 staff.
11. NO loaded firearms in camp area.
a. If you need to function check your firearm, please go to the approved area and yell fire in the hole.
b. When you reach the battlefield this is the appropriate time to lock and load
12. In camp speed limit for any vehicles is 5MPH
13. If moving armor or other large vehicle use a spotter or two in camp.
14. All tents and shelters must be correct and accurate.
15. NO alcohol or drugs
16. NO hand to hand combat type actions during skirmishes.
a. Medics ask to touch before preforming their duties.
17. NO war crimes during Skirmishes (if you must think probably is a NO NO)
18. Camps and tents are to be neat and tidy