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Title: 16-17 November 2018, Battle for Peru, Peru, KS
Post by: papajoad on October 10, 2018, 07:33:13 PM
16-17 November 2018, Battle for the Brick Yard, Peru, KS

It is Our 15th Year to be held on Nov. 17th.

Early arrival on Friday the 16th for an evening at the Peru Cafe. Food and Refreshments free of charge.

Register on line at WWII History Center. For more  information call 620.218.0575.

Cost per participant $ 22

This will be the FIFTEENTH year for the Peru reenactment.  Special things are planned this year to commemorate the 15th year of this tactical - stay tuned for more info!

Like in years past, the battle will be both ETO and East Front, so almost all WWII impressions are welcome - U.S., Great Britain, Polish, German and Russian.  Authenticity is the responsibility of unit commanders and ultimately even coordinators.

Special effort is made by the force commanders to separate the Eastern and Western Allies during the battle for the best experience for all participating reenactors.